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Manufactured by PlantDrive

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New PlantDrive VegMax Filter Coolant/fuel connection fittings shown are included only when purchased as part of a complete kit. Advantages over any existing diesel fuel filter currently in use for SVO/WVO/Biodiesel: Designed by the inventor of the Racor Vormax.

Affordable - $215 including shipping versus $389 for the Vormax. If you substitute it for the Vormax in any kit order, you’ll save $174!

Compact - 10-1/2” tall to bottom of drainvalve x 3-1/2” wide x 3-1/2” front-to-back. Will fit in almost any car or truck’s engine compartment. Filter element screws on from the top, but only requires 1” clearance if undermounted under the bed of a pickup truck. And despite the compact size, the filter element is huge relative to that of many competing WVO filters such as Frybrid’s and Greasecar’s and much smaller than the Vormax, the Davco, or the Racor 1000FG, while having an equivalent amount of filter media to these filters. (Neither the Davco or the Racor 1000FG can be mounted under the bed of a pickup due to their huge size and the fact that they take a drop-in element that requires several inches of clearance above the top of the filter and they're too tall to easily fit in most engine compartments.)

Coolant heated at bottom - more effective heating of filter than filters with coolant at the top.

Easy-to-service filter - spins on from the top. Open drainvalve at bottom to drain filter, loosen filter element to break vacuum, let balance of fuel in filter drain, spin off filter, spin on new filter element. Open drainvalve at bottom periodically and drain a bit of fuel into a clear container to check for water. Drainvalve, like that on the Vormax, accepts a 3/8" pipe nipple to extend the drain outflow point

Affordable filters - $20 each inc. shipping and handling.

Excellent filtration - filters to 5 microns, but with flow rates of a 10 micron filter. Flowrate is up to 200 GPH! (And some in the WVO community question the ability of any filter and/or filter media designed for diesel fuel to separate out water in WVO. It's our experience that the Racor Aquablock filter media will indeed block water in fuel, and the Vegmax was designed with alternative fuels in mind. We still recommend that you not fuel your vehicle with watery fuel. For more information on how to avoid getting water in your WVO, read this: Used Cooking Oil

Reversible front-to-back (threaded mounting holes on two opposite faces) means it’s not handed in respect to coolant in and out ports - no need to figure out and specify handing as when ordering the Davco. Filter element easily insulated with cozies designed for Nalgene bottles - one source: (Rugged Cordura nylon exterior, foam and reflective aluminized insulation, nylon inner layer. You'll have to cut it down - a Nalgene bottle is longer than the VegMax's filter element. The Aquatherm is the one we'd recommend - the Aquasock has less insulation.) Soon to be offered with threaded ports in the (anodized aluminum) base to accept the 12V heater element as found in our OverNighter and our new glow plug heater which will thaw out solidified WVO in less than 3 minutes! Here’s a link to the OverNighter's 12V heater element: Click HERE Soon we'll have a VegMax option/alternate to the Vormax in all our kits - until then, if you want to substitute a Vegmax in any kit, contact us on how we'll deal with the price difference.

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  • Price: $215.00

Product Dimensions
Sizes in inches: 4" X 2" X 4"
Sizes in cm: 10.16 X 5.08 X 10.16
Product Weight
Pounds: 2
Kgs: 0.91
Green Rating 73%
Recycleable 100%
Energy Efficiency 100%
Biodegradable 1%
Eco-Friendly Packaging 90%

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