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Set of 2, Bamboo/Organic Cotton Towel Set, 3 Pcs., Luxury Collection :Eco-Fabrik

Manufactured by Eco-Fabrik

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3 Piece Set includes: 1 ea. Bath Towel (27.5" X 54"), 1 ea. Hand Towel (19.5" X 35.5") and 1 ea. Wash Cloth (12" X 12")

Please indicate your preferred color upon checkout: Sea Green, Bay Blue, Nautical Red, Pristine, Sand

Meticulously designed from 70% Bamboo Fiber and 30% Best Quality Cotton, these bamboo towels are luxuriously soft and super absorbent. Our "Luxury Collection" set will complement your home furnishings and will make you feel fresh & fabulous after every shower. Some people have become so accustomed to the silken soft feel of these towels that we have decided to include an additional wash cloth in our towel set. Go ahead keep this one around or use it to replace your kitchen towel. Bamboo Towels are also the most eco friendly towels you can buy, because bamboo is by far the fastest growing renewable natural resource among fabrics and is harvested without using fertilizers and pesticides. Bamboo has been praised as the natural green, eco-friendly textile material of the 21st Century. Amazingly, bamboo is significantly more absorbent than cotton and maintains anti-bacterial, anti-allergy, anti-static and anti-fungal properties.

We deal exclusively in clothing made from renewable fiber sources, grown without the use of harmful pesticides and processed without the use of chemicals that are harmful for people and the planet. By carefully selecting only the best products, we offer you the finest quality in Hemp Clothing, Bamboo Clothing, 100% Organic Cotton clothing and other products made of Eco friendly blended fabrics.

Organic clothing is manufactured to last, enduring the wear & tear of normal life cycle and finally reaching a bio-degradable end. Unlike their synthetic counterparts, organic products do not deplete the planet's resources. At the end of their life cycle they blend back into the soil, joining the natural process of re-invigorating the planet earth. We hope, you will enjoy browsing through the Eco-Fabrik product line and will have a very pleasant and satisfying online shopping experience with us.

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  • Price: $75.00

Product Dimensions
Sizes in inches: 4" X 1" X 4"
Sizes in cm: 10.16 X 2.54 X 10.16
Product Weight
Pounds: 1
Kgs: 0.45
Green Rating 99%
Recycleable 100%
Biodegradable 100%
Eco-Friendly Packaging 95%
Organically Grown 100%

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