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Hotslings Hemp Organic Baby Sling Carrier - 5:Baby Earth

Manufactured by BabyEarth

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Hotslings pouches are an innovative design that combine fashion with function. Just because you are a mom (or dad) now doesn't mean you will be stuck with bears, bunnies, blue plaid and pink gingham. Nor will you be stuck with a front pack that only is good for your baby's first few months while it pulls mercilessly on your upper back. Carry your baby with eco-consciousness in our greenest fabric. This hemp/organic cotton/Lycra blend stretch twill is undyed and unbleached. Soft as a baby's bum. Hemp fiber is known for its strength, durability, and efficiency. Hemp crops can produce 250% more fiber than cotton and 600% more fiber than flax using the same amount of land. It also leaves the soil rich after harvest, and its deep roots anchor the soil to the earth, preventing runoff. A sustainable, gender-neutral choice. Original Hotslings leg padding built in. Features & Benefits: Sleek, one-piece fitted design Fashion fabrics in today's colors and styles Easy to use! No snaps, rings, buckles or fuss Many sizes for a precise fit Wide shoulder that spreads evenly across your back Original sleek leg padding design to minimize cutting into tender knees Extremely compact. Folds down to nothing in your diaper bag or purse Promotes bonding, breastfeeding, closeness and trust Calms fussy babies with swaddling effect Hands free Live your life with a calm, close, attached, happy baby 3 to 5 carrying positions Great for newborns up until the toddler stage Easy care. Machine wash, hang dry Made in USA under fair labor conditions Sizing: Correct sizing for pouch slings is essential for the happiness of both mom/dad and baby. To measure from shoulder to hip: use a soft tape measure and start at the outer corner of your shoulder and measure diagonally across your body down to your hip bone. The number (in inches) should be in the 20s. See size chart below for measurements & best fit. We carry sizes 1 through 6 in stock, but would be happy to special order a specific size for you, just ask!

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