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Monday, October 1, 2012

2012 Environmental Media Awards: Celebrity Interview And Event Highlights

September 29, 2012, Burbank, California - A wave of some of the hottest Hollywood Stars showed their support for The Environmental Media Association at the Warner Brothers Studios in Burbank, CA for the 22nd Annual EMA Awards on Saturday, September 29, 2012, to honor tv and film personalities and productions teams who convey environmental themes in creative and influential ways.

Eco Oscars PartyThe Honorees for the night were Jessica Alba, receiving the EMA Green Parent Award, Kelly Chapman Meyer receiving the EMA Lifetime Achievement Award, Elon Musk, receiving the EMA Corporate Responsibility Award,  and Ian Somerhalder who received the EMA Futures Award.

Additional talent attending the event included performer Lance Bass, Julie Bowen (“Modern Family”), Josh Bowman (“Revenge”), Mehcad Brooks (“Necessary Roughness”), Danny DeVito (The Lorax),Torrey DeVitto (“Vampire Diaries”), Francesca Eastwood (Mrs. Eastwood & Company”),Frances Fisher (The Perfect Fit), Kat Graham (“Vampire Diaries”), Carla Gugino (“Political Animals”), Brooke Lyons (“2 Broke Girls”), Gabriel Mann(“Revenge”), Zach McGowan (“Shameless”), Jesse Metcalfe (“Dallas”), HGTV’s Carter Oosterhouse, Kelly Overton (“True Blood”),, Adam Scott (“Parks and Recreation”), Lindsay Shaw (“Pretty Little Liars”),Jamie-Lynn Sigler (“Guys with Kids”), Amy Smart (“Shameless”), Jessica Szohr (“Gossip Girl”), James Van Der Beek (“Don’t Trust the B--- in Apartment 23”), Wilmer Valderrama(“Awake”), Emily VanCamp (“Revenge”), Nick Wechsler (“Revenge”), Constance Zimmer(“Entourage”) and many more.

After the awards were presented, the city street sets of Warner Brothers backlot were open for a gorgeous eveMusic Saves Livesning of glamor, as various local  food vendors and eco product companies showcased their wares for the celebrities and award attendees.

The Environmental Media Association (EMA) is a non-profit organization which mobilizes the entertainment industry in a global effort to educate people about environmental issues and inspire them into action.

EMA was created by Lyn & Norman Lear, who made their appearance at the event,  and Cindy & Alan Horn (Alan attended the event with his daughter, actress Cody Horn)  in 1989 with the simple but powerful concept that, through television and film, the entire entertainment industry can influence the environmental awareness of millions of people globally.

The winners of the night were:

EMA Lifetime Achievement Award

Kelly Meyer

EMA Corporate Responsibility Award
Elon Musk

EMA Green Parent Award
Jessica Alba

EMA Futures Award
Ian Somerhalder

Feature Film
The Lorax

Chasing Ice

Television Episodic Comedy
Veep "Frozen Yogurt"

Television Episodic Drama
Dallas "Pilot: Changing of the Guard"

Reality Television
Superfish: Bluefin Tuna

Children's Television
Handy Manny "Beach Clean-up"

You can read about the great efforts of the Environmental Media Association here:

Interviewer Ken Spector caught up with several celebrities including Jessica Alba, Amy Smart and husband Oosterhouse,  Lindsay Shaw, Jesse Metcalfe, Jessica Capshaw, and Lance Bass,  Pictures from the interviews and highlights from the conversations are below.

Lindsay Shaw

Lindsay Shaw ("Pretty Little Liars")

Her character on "Pretty Little Liars" started off as a bully who is gay, but her character is now more compassionate. Off-screen, she supports the Love is Louder campaign and the No Hate Campaign She unplugs all of her appliances when they are not in use, as they still draw power from the wall if plugged in. She learned from Ken that trains are the greenest transportation for longer trips. She has never taken a train, as trains scare her a little but, but now that she knows they are the greenest form of transportation for longer trips, she said she will get on a train.

Lindsay Shaw

Jesse Metcalfe - ("Dallas")

Jesse w as at the EMA Awards to accept an award on behalf of "Dallas". They have an eco conscious theme on the show about alternative energy.
As Metcalfe mentions: "The storyline centers around methane hydrates, a crystalized solid that exists under the seabeds in the arctic, and is in question, and they are trying to extract it safely and it is basically natural gas. This form of natural gas leaves much less of a carbon footprint than other fossil fuels such as oil and fuel." He has a motorcycle, and would like to some day ride an electric motorcycle. Ken told him about the world's fastest electric motorcycle that traveled from 0-200mph in just 7 seconds. Metcalfe recycles and uses recycled bags at stores. He gave a tip of "Think before your purchase products, especially food, which is almost always packaged in trash. Try going on a no trash diet where everything you buy must be in packaging that composts or is biodegradable."

Lindsay Shaw

Amy Smart and Carter Oosterhouse

Amy and Carter just moved, so they haven't set up their garden yet. Amy said that she enjoys going into the schools to see how inspired the kids are to garden. Carter and Amy have a bunch of citrus trees in their yard.

Ken asked Carter what he had done that is eco in their home. Carter said the floor is no VOC, the paint is no VOC, CFL's all over the place, much of the furniture is remade from fallen trees or of other pieces of furniture"

Amy is helping to launch a Parent Board at EMA where concerned parents can learn how to get rid of dangerous chemicals in their homes, feed their kids healthier meals, help them to have a greater impact of passing laws like Prop 37 (Labelling GMOs). Prop 37 is there to put labelling on GMOs (Genetically modified organisms), and Amy mentions that they are finding that GMO's harm people's health and "it's horrible" as she says. Yes on Prob 37 she says. She mentions a campaign called JUST LABEL IT which is the national version of California's Prop 37 to label GMOs.


Jessica Alba

Ken asked her about her upcoming book called "The Honest Life".

She said it is "a very simple lifestyle book that covers everything from DIYs to putting a eco green house together to organic receipe ideas and trying to remove as many toxic chemicals in the home as possible. She has a website called The Honest Company on which is sold eco cleaning products and personal care products and then they do diapers and wipes. She supported the SAFE CHEMICALS ACT, and started the company because she was shocked about all the toxic chemicals in the environment.


Lindsay Shaw

Jessica Capshaw ("Pretty Little Liars")

What are some of the eco things she does? Recycling, composting, and she has 1 electric vehicle, 1 hybrid vehicle, 1 ethenol powered vehicle. She has three children, and teaches her kids about water consumption, about the air we breathe, composting, and recycling. She feels labelling GMO's is necessary, and believes we have the right to know what we are eating. She read a green tip provided by Ken which read "You can collect rainwater and use it to water your plants" and she said she does this.

Lance Bass

Lance Bass is on the young Hollywood Board of EMA, and isn't sure how old he has to be to get into the regular EMA Hollywood Board. Lance said "It's been great. The schools that we have sponsored to get gardens has been really successful." Ken asked him what he has learned about gardening since he has been with EMA. He said he "was a good gardener growing up in Mississippi in the country, and we did a lot of gardening. I am learning more about nutritional facts and am switching my whole vegetable intake." That is what I am learning with these kids is how much vegetables you really do need. I was eating all backwards..way too much protein and way to little veggies. And I have changed that in my diet." Ken says that he has been vegan 20 years. Lance said that eating more vegetables is amazing and it feels so much better. He mentioned that he's not vegan "but i'm getting close to it. I order a lot from vegan places when I eat out, but I still like my chicken and all that kind of stuff, but i've cut back a lot".
He uses a lot of batteries, so decided to read a tip on batteries that Ken provided. "Batteries. These are essential to recycle and contain dangerous heavy metals and chemicals like mercury, so that cannot be tossed into the rubbish. They also can't be sent curbside. When you initially purchase your batteries, don't buy them for the long term. They expire and drain down even when not in use. Consider rechargeable batteries to lower the amount of batteries you consume."

Special thanks to the EMA, ID PR, and Paule Bernadel

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