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Friday, April 12, 2013

Young Celebrities Show Their Support For Multiple Charities at the Rock n' Rolla Movie Award Eco Lounge

April 11, 2013, Los Angeles, California In celebration of the 2013 MTV Movie Awards nominees and presenters, sustainable film and television producer Debbie Durkin hosted the "Rock n' Rolla" Movie Awards Eco Music, Celebrity Lounge. This annual event was held at the historic Pickford Mansion where the Academy Award winning film "The Artist" was filmed. Top-rate musicians performed accoustically to benefit We Rock Green Mics/With Our Words, a youth development nonprofit from Stockton, California. They want their Green Celebrity Writing Prompts to inspire literacy and artistry to raise awareness about ecology. At-risk students from Stockton, California transform eco-themed ideas from stars in the entertainment industry into original performance poetry. The event also benefitted The Whole Planet Foundation - a Non profit empowering entrepreneurs in our global communities through microcredit, and Rescue Bank, the National Pet Food Distribution Program for Animal Rescue Groups and Organizations. Cool brand sponsors included Whole Foods Market serving healthy, organic foods, Arta Tequila's signature Citrus Mint Splash cocktails, Minky Couture, and more.

Celebrity attendees included Bronson Pelletier ("The Twilight Saga Series"), Lily Elise (NBC's "The Voice"), Bethany Joy Lenz ("One Tree Hill"), Rodrigo Rojas ("Modern Family"), Ted Levine ("Silence of the Lambs"), Julia Stephens ("New Girl").

Natalie Gelman's Ken Spector caught up with with singer/ songwriter Natalie Gelman at the event.

Natalie Gelman performs across the USA, and is about to release a new album with producers Charlie Midnight (James Brown) and Mark Needham (The Killers) titled Streetlamp Musician after a song she wrote about street performing and watching New York City change over time. She is a pescatarian, and she changed her diet primarily due to the amazing amout of waste she saw in food production. She went from Miami to New York (over 1500 miles) on roller blades!

Watch Full Interview below:

Ken Spector interviews Natalie Gelman at Debbie Durkin's Rock n' Rolla Movie Awards Eco Lounge

You can learn more about Debbie Durkin's events here:

And more about the benefitting organizations here:

We Rock Green Mics/ With Our Words:

The Whole Planet Foundation: The Whole Planet Foundation

Rescue Bank: Rescue Bank

Special thanks to:

Debbie Durkin

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