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"The magnificence of mountains, the serenity of nature - nothing is safe from the idiot marks of man's passing. "
Loudon Wainwright

Our Mission:
America's "green transition" has produced a new wave of individuals and businesses who aspire to be as environmentally conscious as they can. Living ECO wants to help you achieve an environmentally friendly lifestyle without having to make major changes in your life.

Living ECO (environmentally conscious home and office) started with one simple question: how do we get more 'eco-friendly' products into the hands of the general population? From that simple question, a simple idea emerged—a website where companies can sell their products directly to the public and trade information freely amongst each other.

As the idea grew, so did Living ECO. Our thoughts were not only to include companies in trade, but also individuals wanting to start their own businesses. Business, governments, and people helping each other grow 'greener'. It is without doubt that a change is needed, and the first step needs to be taken by us. As much as we would like to, Living ECO is not here to save the world; we are here to help you save the world through helping business and people like yourselves keep in touch. We're here to help you get the greenest products for the best prices.

Living ECO is committed in helping you make the greener choice because going green is right choice, not only for yourself, but for your children and your children's children. Our planet needs our help. Of course, not all of us need to go out and plant tress or save endangered species, but all of us can make big differences in small ways. You can start with how you make our purchasing decisions. Every little bit helps. Small changes such as using energy efficient light bulbs, eco-friendly detergents and buying organic foods can make big impacts. If you're really motivated you can use solar paneling, and ride a bike or take public transportation to work. Now, now, we all know that for most of us, this is not an attractive choice or even affordable, but there are other ways of off setting your 'carbon footprint'. "Your what?" you ask. Well, Living ECO has explanations in our articles section written by people like you.

Our Services:
Our Products section has everything you need to live a greener life. Our green rating system and user testimonials will help you make the greenest choice.

Our Articles section is designed to help you make better decisions in your everyday life as well as helping you stay up to date on the latest technologies and information in our 'green economy'. These articles are written by people in the community just like you. To get your article posted on our site click here.

Our Videos sections uses the latest video streaming technology to bring live action to you home or to your business. These are videos are produced and made by companies and individuals alike. We invite anyone with a good video to post it on our site. Click here to find out more.

Business Accounts allow anyone with a legitimate business to start selling their green products to millions of people worldwide. A Business Account also allows you to buy products in our Sourcing section at wholesale prices.

Our Sourcing section is our business-to-business market place.

Our Methodology for Approving Merchants and Products:
Living ECO's mission is to bring our the greenest products from companies around the globe. We scout them so that you can shop from them directly. We look for manufacturers that produce natural, organic and low impact products through low impact processes. In addition to our standards, we let you, our custumers, decide what should and should not be posted on our site. Products, videos, and articles are can all be scrutinized by you, our customers. We allow you to be our watchdogs because we believe that you are a fundamental part of this company as well as our green community.

Your feedback is appreciated at anytime as we strive to better serve you and your communities.