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"The frog does not drink up the pond in which he lives."
Native American Proverb

Solar Powered Briefcase!

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"The solutions to our environmental crisis can be found in part in how we conduct our daily lives. is a terrific place to find ways for each of us to reduce our carbon footprint and live a more sustainable lifestyle. Hopefully, this daily act of consciousness in how we live our individual lives will also encourage each of us to more actively support the more large scale systemic changes that are needed to stem the environmental crisis."
Robert Stone - Documentary Filmmaker

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natural high lifestyle

Natural High has set out to redefine the way we as individuals spend our time, and how we as a collective manage the limited resources of planet earth. Green products and clothing inspired by yoga lifestyle, surf culture and environmental awareness. Find out more...

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Bamboo Towel Set
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Bath & Body Travelers' Package ($118.00 Value)
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Sage & Sage Leaf Pillow Sham Cover Collection - Throw
Pillow Sham 330 TC Sateen 16 x 16" Piped - Our Sage Sheets are made to... More >>


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Vanilla-Almond Snakaroons
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